Man Builds ‘Stick Library’ for Dogs at Dog Park

What is a dog to do in a park with no sticks? That’s the dilemma that faced Bella the dog every time she visited the local dog park in Kaiapoi, New Zealand. There never was a stick to be found. That’s what prompted her human granddad, Andrew Taylor, to enter the wood shop and come up with a solution – a stick library. The wooden box is brimming with good sticks for dogs to borrow and return (if they don’t get munched down that is).

“Our dog Bella loves a good stick, but there were no good sticks at our new dog park in Kaiapoi,” Taylor’s daughter Tayla said to LadBible. “So my wholesome dad made a stick library so all the doggos can enjoy a good stick.”

Andrew came up with the idea when he was trimming the trees in his yard. With all the extra branches he thought of Bella and the other dogs at the park. He made sure to sand each branch of the pointy parts to make the sticks dog friendly. He then engraved wooden crate with “Stick Library. Please return.”

Tayla shared video of her dad’s project. She also arranged for a “Stick Library” launch party. Around 50 people showed up with their dogs. Even one cat appeared, says Tayla. The Stick Library was an instant hit with the dogs.

“All the dog owners appreciate it as they all have experienced the ‘good stick search’ which isn’t always fruitful, it’s an idea that just makes sense to them.” And it seems to make a lot of sense to the dogs too!

Watch the Stick Library’s beginnings and launch in the video below.

If you have any trouble viewing the video above, try the one below.

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