Live Feed Video Captures Dog Being Thrown From Car, Police React Quickly to Save Her Life

A Pit bull was dumped from a car on a very hot day in Kansas City, but thanks to surveillance video and fast-acting police the sweet dog is alive and well.

The dog was dumped in an area that is considered a notorious “hot spot” for illegal dumping. That’s why security cameras are set up there. It so happens that the city’s illegal dumping investigator and a KCPD officer were looking for a suspect in the area when they got a tip about someone dumping a dog.

They reviewed live video feed from the illegal dumping cameras in the area, and saw someone in a white Kia Forte was throwing the dog out of the car.

They immediately searched the area and within 30 minutes they found the dog.

“She deserves a better life than just being thrown out on the street like trash,” said Alan Ashurst, who is the city’s illegal dumping investigator. “I just could not imagine what kind of black heart it would take to do something like this. This is just the sweetest dog.”

The dog was given lots of water and brought to the KC Pet Project to be checked over.

Animal control later reported that the dog does have a microchip and is registered, so they’ll be able to give the owner a citation. From there, that person will go before a judge. Animal control also says there’s no way the dog will be returned to the owner.

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