Inseparable Friends: Beagle and Boy’s Heartwarming Moments Together

Blanche the Beagle and her little human, Trey, are best friends. When they met it was love at first sight.

“It all started here, before he was born,” their mom, Denise Turner told DogHeirs.

Blanche was just four months old when Denise rescued her in 2002. The puppy had been found roaming in a parking lot by a friend’s neighbor. Denise brought Blanche home to live with her and her two other beagles, who have since passed on.

Blanche was introduced to a new family member when Trey arrived in 2009. Denise says she was cautious at first, reading up on how to introduce her baby to Blanche, as she knew Blanche was somewhat possessive. When Trey was brought home from hospital, Denise “followed what I had read to do.”

She writes, “I first brought in the cap he wore on his head in the hospital as my husband waited with the baby in the foyer. Then, we sat Trey down in his carseat and had to just let her check him out. I was SCARED TO DEATH! She did great! She did lick his face, but I read that this was a good thing and to allow it.”

As these heartwarming photos demonstrate, “The two have been inseparable ever since!!”

“This is the moment they met.”

Blanche keeps a close eye on her little human.

Little humans make great pillows.

And dogs make great pillows too.

“Trey has always been ALL OVER HER!”, Denise writes, “At bedtime, she HAS to be in the room and he shuts the door to make sure she stays.”

Clearly, there’s nothing better than spending time with your best friend.

Trey and Blanche play hide and seek

Trey shares a treat with Blanche

Cuddle time

Trey loves his best friend Blanche

He tries to let her know how much he loves her as often as possible.

There are some things that Trey has to do for for Blanche. Denise writes:

  1. “Give her a treat every time we leave the house. HE HAS TO DO IT! He gets the treat, has her ‘Sit’ and ‘Stay’. She waits until he says, ‘Free Dog’…something I’ve done with her since she was a puppy and now he’s got it down and she listens to him. ­čÖé
  2. Same thing with her dinner. He has to scoop it and give it to her. He knows how much to give her now and he knows to put a scoop of pumpkin in it to give her fiber.
  3. He likes to be the one to give her her thyroid medicine. He wraps it in cheese for me and gives it to her.”

Blanche is now 11 years old, the same age Denise’s other two beagles were when they passed away. “My dog HAS to live many more years because it would be a detriment if he did not remember her, as important as she is to him. So, we’re taking good care of her and trying to keep her as healthy as possible,” Denise writes. “And for this reason, I will continue to take as many pictures as I can!!!”

“I cannot go on a walk without my dog, because Trey HAS to hold her leash.”

“And since this has been going on since he could walk, he has perfect leash manners.”

“He knows not to pull and he knows when to stop and let her sniff and do her ‘thing’.”

They share ‘time outs’ together.

Laughs together.

Just hang out.

And always go on adventures together.

Because that’s what best friends do.

~ Submitted by DogHeirs member Denise Turner

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