Abandoned Dog Seeking Shelter from Storm So Happy to See Rescuer

An animal rescuer with Dog Rescue Shelter, Mladenovac was on his way to the shelter when he noticed a dog by the side of the road. The dog was heading towards the corn fields, seeking shelter from an approaching rainstorm, when she turned around and stopped as he approached.

She adopted a submissive pose when he called and simpered and wagged her tail as she approached him.

“I will never forget that cry of hers when she realized she was saved. That helpless whimper…,” her rescuer writes.

Only a year old, the dog was probably dumped close to where she was found – in the middle of a rural area. When her rescuer took her back to the shelter (which is located in Serbia), she was given a bath and fed. She had a balding spot under her neck which indicated she had been chained up at some point before being abandoned. Now named Lucy, Lucy plays with all the other dogs and loves attention.

If you would like to consider adopting Lucy or supporting Dog Rescue Shelter, Mladenovac, please visit their website.


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