Wounded Dog Staggering In Traffic Grabbed Before He Collapses

A wounded dog was on the verge of collapsing right into traffic when rescuers from Animal Aid Unlimited, India rushed to his aid.

Animal Aid Unlimited / YouTube

The street dog was staggering and wobbling on a busy road because of a terrible head wound.

Animal Aid Unlimited / YouTube

“When we got up close we saw that he had a wound full of maggots on his neck,” wrote Animal Aid Unlimited.

Animal Aid Unlimited / YouTube

“We hurried him back to the Animal Aid hospital and sedated him so that we could clean the wound, remove all the maggots, bandage and start him on the road to recovery.”

Animal Aid Unlimited / YouTube

“Thank goodness we arrived before he collapsed, and what a precious old boy was saved.”

Animal Aid Unlimited / YouTube

Watch Marlo’s incredible recovery on YouTube.

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