Woman Keeps Trying To Rescue Dogs Chained Up to Hut Outside

While visiting her family in the mountains near her family’s village, Sara Ortin hiked by two dogs chained up to a hut. One day she decided to approach them.

One dog was very friendly, but the other would cower and snarl when she approached. “She would try to bite me all the time,” she revealed.

Sara knew she wanted to do something to help the dogs. So she began to feed them every day and spend time with them. She did this for two months. “I knew that at some point, I would take them from there, and they would need to get used to be close to humans.”

She eventually tracked down the dogs’ owners, but they were unwilling to part with them. But after several months of trying, Sara’s persistence paid off in the most amazing way.

Watch the video to see how Sara’s kindness and perseverance paid off.

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