Woman Saves Senior Dog Dumped In Garbage Bag On Side of Road

A tiny senior dog was thrown out like trash and left to die. But after several days fighting for his life, he survived thanks to a woman who spotted the trash bag on the side of the road.

Erin Lebo was traveling along the road in Rutherford County, Tennessee when she saw the trash bag and immediately knew she had to stop.

Inside was Buddy – fighting to stay alive. “He was double bagged in two black trash bags,” Erin Lebo explained to News Channel 5.

She immediately rushed the dog to Savannah’s Crossing Vet where he was examined. The vet says he believes Buddy has seen a lifetime of suffering.

“He looks like he’s probably lived in a cage or extreme neglect,” said Dr. Mike Maddux. “I think he’s at least 10-years-old, he may be as old as 12.”

Lebo went back to the place where she found Buddy to make sure there were no other dogs like him needing rescuing and made a heartbreaking discovery. Dog skulls close to where Buddy was found. Authorities question if a breeder has been dumping innocent dogs and is asking anyone who may have seen anything to contact them.

Poor Buddy is blind and deaf as result of his long-standing neglect, but Dr. Maddux says that at least Buddy can spend his last few years in comfort and know that somebody loves him.

And thanks to Lebo, Buddy will have someone to after him for the first time in his life.

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