Woman Saves Dog Who Was Thrown in River With Anchor Around His Neck

Audra Petraškienė was driving near her home in Lithuania on a road next to a river when she spotted a dog.

The dog was sitting but not moving and was soaking wet. As no one was around she stopped to investigate and that’s when she noticed the dog had something around his neck.

Audra Petraškienė

As she got closer she noticed he had a makeshift anchor attached to a rope.

Audra Petraškienė

Someone had clearly tried to drown him by weighing him down and throwing him in the river!

Audra Petraškienė

The dog was frightened and shivering from the cold, but he had miraculously managed to pull himself out of the river!

Posted by Audra Petraškienė on Friday, June 1, 2018

Audra took “Toriukas” back home and removed the cruel device from around his neck and brought him to the vets. She also called the local authorities to report the animal cruelty.

Posted by VšĮ "Vyšnių sodas" on Monday, June 4, 2018

Toriukas is now in safe hands and will be looked after by a local rescue organization – VšĮ “Vyšnių sodas” – while police investigate the matter, which appears to possibly be a dispute between neighbors. Toriukas was unneutered and appears to have been running free and harassing the neighbor’s unspayed female dog.

The head of the shelter said she is angry that the individual(s) could have solved the problem by sterilizing the animals, but choose instead “a quick and cruel way to solve it.”

Posted by VšĮ "Vyšnių sodas" on Monday, June 4, 2018

Toriukas will remain in the shelter’s care until the matter is resolved by police. He is so lucky that he not only survived the attempt on his life, but that he had a guardian angel like Andra looking out for him.

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