Dogs React Adorably When Mom Asks ‘Who Ate My Flip-Flop’?

A family in Brazil shared this funny video of their guilty dog after a mysteriously destroyed flip-flop was found in the house.

Renata, the videographer from Vilhena, Rondônia, Brazil, told ViralHog that she confronted her dogs after finding her slipper destroyed.

“I found my slipper all chewed up and impossible to wear. The two dogs, a mother, and daughter were in the room when I surprised with the question while I was filming ‘Who ate my flip flop?'” the dog owner revealed.

The two dogs, Mel and Nevinha, are sitting on the couch lounging with dad. At first, each dog gives the other a side-eyed glance as if saying “who me? wasn’t me?” But soon the guilty party soon reveals herself to her humans.

“Mel had a clean conscience and didn’t move,” said the woman short one slipper. “Nevinha (Mel’s daughter) already stopped what she was doing and ran away to hide under my mother who protects and takes care of her since birth. She gave away what she had done.”

But she’s so adorable, we’re sure her family forgave her instantly!

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