Thieves Posing as Scottish SPCA Officers Said to Be Stealing Dogs For Dog Fighting

People in a Scottish town are being warned to be vigilant after thieves posing as Scottish SPCA officers are stealing small dogs and are suspected of using them in illegal dog fighting.

A person on the Newarthill Community Council raised the alarm after receiving complaints from people in Motherwell, North Lanarkshire.

The Newarthill Community Council wrote on Facebook:

“People are posing as SSPCA officers with very good copy cat uniforms going around houses with small dogs in them chapping doors and saying ‘due to numerous complaints we will have to confiscate your dog’.”

“They don’t have any warrants or if they do they are all FALSE.

“These people are stealing smallish size dogs to use for dog baiting used in illegal dog fights.

“One person goes around streets first banging a brush against a paint pot they can tell by the bark of the dog and once identified they mark gate, wall with paint then the next fake mob come around.

“Large van usually parked further down the street. So if you don’t recognise it phone the number plates in to police Scotland.

“My niece nearly caught them out in Jerviston.

“Everyone needs to be vigilant.”

Scottish SPCA Chief Superintendent Mike Flynn was contacted and reinforced that his staff would never turn up at a door without official identification. And if a dog owner should suspect something they should call the SSPCA helpline.

“We are saddened to hear of people impersonating our inspectors who work hard to build positive community relationships,” he said. “Under no circumstances will an inspector or animal rescue officer attend an address without full uniform and official identification.”

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