Sweet Rescue Dog Shares Prized Possession with a Special Friend

Koda is a rescue dog who likes to share. The other night he was given an empty jar of peanut butter and what he did next surprised and delighted his human.

After taking a few licks, Koda nudged the jar over to his stuffed puppy and offered it some.

“Koda really has a big heart and shows it,” Koda’s human said. “I sat the stuffed dog up next to him but he did the sharing all on his own.” She added, “I wish I had videoed it. It was pretty cute!”

Koda stared at it for a few seconds and then quickly took the jar back.

Even though Koda’s human didn’t capture the sweet moment on video she did take these adorable photos!

Koda shares his peanut butter with a special friend


Koda is a Pit bull/Jack Russell mix and was rescued from Fairfax County Animal Shelter.


She’s now a beloved family member.

Koda after she was rescued


What a sweet, sweet dog!

Reprinted with permission of Redditor StarryEyedLepus, March 27, 2014

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