Smart Dog Breaks Open Door to Free Her Friends

Della is a Labrador has been nicknamed “Houdini” by staff at the Happy Tail Resort in Northfolk, Virginia for her knack for mysteriously getting around the boarding facility. She just kept appearing where she wasn’t supposed to be.

At first, Jana Underwood, the owner of the doggy daycare thought the staff was leaving the gate open and kept scolding them to “CLOSE AND LOCK THE GATES!”

It happened several more times, so the staff set out to figure out what Della was up to. “After two or three more times, Della was finally caught,” Happy Tail Resort writes on YouTube. “She would also open the doors throughout the facility, pushing down the horizontal handles, and letting herself into the lobby.” When Della’s humans Bainy and Steve Cyrus learned what Della had done they swore they did not teach Della any of the tricks.

Finally the staff knew “Who let the dogs out?” Della did.

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