Sick and Neglected Dog Overcomes Incredible Odds, Now Helps Others Heal

Fed the wrong diet for years, Molly was morbidly obese. On top of that, she was allergic to the food she was given and developed a serious staph and yeast infection as result.

The smell she gave off was so bad that rescuers had to have both windows of the car rolled down when they picked her up.

Her ears were like shoe leather, thick from inflammation and she could not open her eyes from all the swelling.

It took three months for her to recover, but she had another challenge to face when her new family discovered she had cancer. She had all these issues but she was a sweet dog.

After she overcame the disease and healed, Molly went on to help others with cancer by becoming a therapy dog. Molly’s story is one of perseverance and hope!

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