Adorable Shiba Inu Tries on His New Winter Boots

When it comes to putting on his winter boots, this adorable Shiba Inu has his own unique style.

“Barkley got some new boots. He loves them so much he’s dancing for joy,” writes his humans. Well, maybe not for joy, but he’ll dance for carrots.

His humans say Barkley has to get the boots because he’s allergic to the chemical snow-melts and salts used in winters where he lives.

The chemicals were so harsh he would scream in pain and was unable to walk. So now he has four styling paw boots.

Despite his interpretive dance moves, it only took one walk outside for him to get used to them.

Happy walk-dancing Barkley!

Don’t forget to check out our winter safety tips for keeping your dog healthy and happy and you can buy boots like Barkley’s on Amazon.

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