Service Dog’s Hilarious Extracurricular Activities Go Viral

A service dog who is a very good dog when “at work” turns out to be very naughty when off duty.

Tumblr user gallusrostromegalus shared a few of the stories about her parents’ highly intelligent, incredibly mischievous dog, Arwen, describing her as a “a Husky/Kelpie mix and a little A**hole.”

She says that “If she hasn’t got an active job, shenanigans ensue.” Arwen’s antics are so filled with misadventure that to call them “shenanigans” may be an understatement.

Read the “short list” in the Tumblr post below:

Apparently, Arwen was trained in a prison program where she quickly mastered all her training. Wanting to continue to work with her, she was trained in what her family calls “extracurriculars” which included activities like vertical leaps, climbing chain-link fences, and agility courses. “Due to said extracurriculars, she doesn’t have any fear of heights, strangers, animals or the nonsense of other does,” gallusrostromegalus writes.

But that doesn’t explain her knowing how to flush toilets or open freezers to cool off in the warm weather. Those tricks might have more to do with her being a mix of two highly intelligent, highly active breeds.

However, gallusrostromegalus goes on to explain that Arwen is very, very good at her job. She detailed what Arwen’s job is in further detail in the post below:

After Arwen’s stories went viral, the Tumblr user added a few extra fun stories of Arwen having “ninja’d her way onto the vet’s roof” after an exam and eating a hole in the carpet because “someone dropped a pork chop there”.

But she’s also helping kids in a summer school program to help kids with their reading skills and being a much loved family dog too. All in a day’s work (and play) for Arwen!

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