Rescuers Asked By Owner to Euthanize an Old, Sick Dog Who Wasn’t Old At All

While Sidewalk Specials, a dog rescue group in South Africa, was signing up dogs for sterilization, they were approached by an owner and were asked to euthanize an old, sick dog on his property.

Unicorn barked and ran under a house, afraid as they approached. But after some gentle persuasion, they got Unicorn in their care and discovered that she is only one year old. “When we got there we found little unicorn, doing her best to look scary and ferocious but we saw through that,” the rescuers write.

“Unicorn’s got tick bite fever and non contagious mange but other than that is a healthy one year old Collie mix with oh so much love to give!”

“She’s gentle and loves other dogs and melts for cuddles,” the group adds. They’re also hoping she will be adopted soon.

Visit Sidewalk Specials for details of how to help Unicorn and other dogs like her.

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