Rescuers Try Everything To Free Puppy Who Got Her Head Stuck In Tire

A tiny puppy got herself in a real jam after getting her head accidentally stuck inside a tire. Thankfully, she had a whole team of rescuers by her side to free her.

The puppy’s concerned human contacted her local rescue Wags, Hope and Healing, but despite efforts to free the puppy with grease, the puppy wouldn’t budge, so the Bastrop County animal services and fire department were called in.

“I get there and lo and behold, the puppy is legitimately stuck,” Evan Jacobs, the manager of the Bastrop County Animal Control and Shelter said.

They tried using a metal cutter and the Jaws of Life, but they could not free the wee pup.

That’s when a firefighter had the brilliant realization – when puppies sit down their necks squish so they manoeuvred the pup and tire and the pup was free!

Their efforts paid off and the pup was happily reunited with her mother, as you will see in the video below.

Mom was extremely relieved her puppy was safe, having watched all the rescue efforts from the sidelines.

Wags, Hope and Healing later told the Dodo that mom and pups were all spayed and neutered and that the puppies are being made available for adoption through the rescue – including “Goodyear”, the tire pup.

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