Puppy Helps Man Propose Marriage, Leads to First Family Portrait

From the DogHeirs.com archive comes this sweet marriage proposal, aided by none other than an adorable German Shepherd puppy.

When Gavin wanted to ask his girlfriend to marry he wasn’t sure if he wanted to get her a puppy first or a ring. But with help from his friend (and photographer), Kyle, he decided on both.

“Meet Ava May, waiting patiently at a bench me and my fiancée sat at on our second date two years before,” says Gavin Phillips.

Ava May at a special bench. “…notice the ring on her collar.”

Ava May with a ring

“Obviously my buddy was with her while I was going to get the girlfriend. She thought that the surprise was we were going on a walk.”

“She froze when she saw the puppy. ‘Oh my god, you got me a puppy?’

“She thought the surprise was over.”

Puppy love.

She hasn’t noticed the ring yet.

“This is when she notices my best friend off to the side with his camera, about the same time I told her to look at the collar.”

Noticing the photographer…


“Had a little trouble getting the ring off.”

“So I asked…”

“..and she said yes!”

They’re wiping away the happy tears.

“My gorgeous fiancée!”

Seal the proposal with a kiss…

It’s time for the “First Family Portrait.”

“The ring…& Ava May!”

“My Proposal” photos and text reprinted with permission from Gavin Phillips. This article originally appeared on DogHeirs.com on September 4, 2013.

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