Puppy Adorably Confused By Hiccups

A puppy’s reaction to the hiccups has melted hearts of millions of viewers. “Buck is an 8 week old Heeler who isn’t so sure about his first experience with hiccups,” writes his human, Matthew Kennelly, who posted a video of Buck confused by the strange sensation.

The tiny pup lets out a few hiccups and then adorably barks at the odd noises he’s made.

According to the American Kennel Club puppies will sometimes get the hiccups if they’ve eaten or drunk too fast, when they are tired, cold or very excited. But don’t try to scare a puppy or pull their tongue to dispel the hiccups. AKC has a few tips they recommend:

  • Help your dog calm their breathing. Sometimes laying a puppy on their back and giving them a belly rub helps.
  • Give them some water to drink (encourage them to drink slowly and calmly)
  • Slow down their dinner eating. You can try feeding smaller portions. We recommend slow feeder bowls.

But AKC does say if the hiccups persist and don’t go away for a few hours or they cause difficulty breathing, you probably should call your veterinarian.

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