Puppies Abandoned On Busy Road Get Rescued Just In Time

A litter of puppies seemed blissfully unaware they were dangerously close to a busy road, but thankfully Howl Of A Dog rescued them just in time.

“There was a plastic crate where the puppies were found and a cut plastic bottle with some water still left on its bottom, most probably left by the people or person who abandoned the little ones,” the rescue wrote.

The Romanian dog rescue searched for their mother and any other dogs that might have been abandoned but they only found the three puppies.

“It’s so sad that, despite of many free neuter/spay programs that are now available in Romania, some people still choose to leave their dogs unaltered and abandon the unwanted puppies,” said Howl Of A Dog. The puppies had their fur all covered in fleas and dirt, so we cleaned them as soon as we arrived home.”

The puppies are now 3 moths old and are looking for loving homes. Visit Howl Of A Dog’s website to learn about how to adopt a dog from abroad.

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