Police Dog Knows Exactly How to Protect His Partner

Police K9 dogs go through rigorous training not only to learn how to apprehend criminals but also how to protect their fellow officers. In the following video, a K9 and his partner demonstrate to a crowd just how this training pays off.

During a K-9 Police demonstration in Front Royal,VA, David Schloe recorded the police dog jumping into action. At first the officer goes over to a man (wearing a bite-proof suit) and pats him down as he would a suspect. He then goes over to the K9 and tells him to stay. But the third time he goes over to pat down the suspect, the man pushes the officer. That’s when the dog leaps up in lightning speed and grabs hold of the villain’s arm.

Schloe wrote on YouTube, “This is a small town that raised a lot of money for the dog and its training. It was not a spectacle in anyway but a demonstration to show the people that the money they gave was not wasted.”

It also demonstrates just how attuned the officer and his K9 are to each other. Watch the speed of this dog’s reaction in the video below – amazing!

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