Photographer Captures the Playful Friendship Between Her Daughter and Bulldog

Lola the English Bulldog and her 4-year-old human Harper are best of friends. Their mom Rebecca Leimbach is a professional photographer said that the pair have been inseparable since Harper was born.

She began taking photographs of the pair playing together after her daughter came out of her playroom dressed up as a princess and Lola was decked out in a tutu and tiara!

Since then, she regularly takes photos of the two siblings getting up to fun and mischief. Rebecca kindly shared some of her phots with, which everyone can enjoy below.

Photos republished with permission from Rebecca Leimbach.

Lola with Harper when she was a baby.

Lola is never farther than a few steps away from Harper.

Harp + Lola {Mi casa es su casa edition}

“Harper announced “Mom! I have to feed my baby. Can you get me some cereal?” I came around the corner and found this,” writes Rebecca.

Harp + Lola {Copacabana edition}

“‘Her name was Lola, she was a showgirl. With yellow feathers in her hair and her dress cut down to there. His name was Rico, he wore a diamond. He was escorted to his chair, he saw Lola dancing there.’ ~Barry Manilo

“I had to people. I couldn’t help myself,” writes Rebecca.

Harp + Lola {Chariot edition}

“Bathing suit in 20 degree weather, check. Ratty hair, check. Pink winged horse, check. Strapping it to your dog for her to pull you, check. This my friends did not end well,” writes Rebecca.

Harp + Lola {watchdog edition}

Writes Rebecca, “Lola hates the cold, like hates it, hates it. But she won’t stay inside if the child is outside, she will scratch at the door till you let her out. Don’t nobody betta mess with her kid, she won’t take her eyes off of Harp.”


Harp + Lola {Story time edition}

“‘So then what happened?’ ~ Lola Leimbach

“This is my favorite image of them so far, I may post more. Lola seemed seriously interested in the story Harp was telling,” writes Rebecca.

“So then the monsta ate all the socks from under the bed…” ~Harper

“zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz, huh? zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz” ~Lola

Harp + Lola {Hoodie edition}

“Prankster, prankster, story book gangster. -Eazy E”

Harp + Lola {The rabbit & the mouse edition}

“The rabbit is currently not speaking to either of us,” writes Rebecca.

Harper + Lola {Hibernation edition}

“It’s -25 wind chill today. A great day to stay in bed and watch cartoons with a bed hog,” describes Rebecca.

Harp + Lola {Breakfast edition}

“‘That was delicious… now it’s nap time.’ – Lola Leimbach. She’s sleeping in this picture, it’s a problem. Girlfriend is narcoleptic,” jokes Rebecca.

Harper + Lola {Lederhosen edition}

“Guten Tag. These were her Dad’s Lederhosen when he was a child. Seriously? Could you die? And like all good Germans, Lola is sporting a scarf,” writes Rebecca.

Harper + Lola {Painting edition}

“We have been trapped in the house (because of this God forsaken freezing cold), so we do what we can to stay busy. And yes, Lola fell asleep standing there,” describes Rebecca.

Harper + Lola {bathtub edition}

Rebecca says, “Because it’s -400 degrees outside. What the hell else do you do when you’re trapped in the house?”

“This just went down, and yes, my dog has a mullet.”

Photos republished with permission from Rebecca Leimbach.

You can see more of Rebecca Leimbach’s photographs of Harper and Lola on her website and  Facebook page.

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