Veterinarian Warns Dog Owners After Three Otters Attack and Nearly Drown Her Dog

A veterinarian is cautioning dog owners to be wary of otters after three of them nearly drowned her dog. Dr. Claudia Campbell’s Golden Retriever, Goldie, was out on a walk when she decided to go for a swim in the ocean at a beach on Vancouver Island, British Columbia.

The dog spotted an otter and swam over to investigate. The Golden would soon be fighting for her life as three otters appeared and ganged up on her. One otter grabbed her tail, while another appeared to be submerging her.

A Facebook post from Kindred Spirits Veterinary Hospital detailed the harrowing ordeal after a dog walker took out Goldie for the walk:

“Upon entering the water Goldie spotted an otter swimming not too far away. Like any dog, Goldie decided to swim towards to otter to investigate (and let’s face it, she probably wanted to chase the otter, dogs will be dogs after all.)

“What Goldie failed to realize, was that there were really three otters out for a swim. The otters did not appreciate Goldie’s intrusion.

“As much fun as it is to watch otters running along the beach, swimming, and playing. They are not the kind of creature you want to meet in a dark alley. The three otters proceeded to grab Goldie and pull her under the water.

“Goldie, at almost 60 pounds was no match for the three angry otters. Despite her best efforts to escape they had a solid hold on her. Goldie’s dog walker had to run into the ocean up past his waist and wrestle Goldie from the otters.

“The otters had Goldie almost fully submerged with only her nose showing above water. If the dog walker had not been able to intervene, this may have had an awful ending.”

Thankfully, the dog walker was able to pull Goldie to safety, but it could have been much worse.

“We have had other clients report otters trying to lead their dogs way out into the ocean in the past as well,” the clinic added in the post. “Please keep an eye out for otters while walking your dogs near water. If you notice otters at the beach, you may want to stay on leash or find another place to walk.”

A cautionary tale, with a happy ending. On Tuesday, Dr Campbell's beautiful dog Goldie was out for a walk on the beach…

Posted by Kindred Spirits Veterinary Hospital on Wednesday, February 14, 2018

The vet doesn’t blame the otters, who per probably defending their territory. As for Goldie, she suffered a few bite marks but has made a full recovery.

But the dangerous encounter serves as an important reminder to keep your dogs a good distance away from any wild animal.

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