Old Blind Dog Rescued After Someone Tried to Shoot Her

Love Furry Friends Rescue didn’t realize how much an old, blind dog needed rescuing until they arrived to save the stray dog. The little dog lived near some garages in this town in the Ukraine. When rescuers inquired with the guard who looked after the space, they were told an alarming story. Someone had inexplicably tried to shoot the dog. Rescuers wondered what could an old, small, blind dog have done to be hated so much?

Love Furry Friends Rescue

Fortunately they found “Chapa” by one of the garages and she did not appear injured. She was hesitant to be approached, however, so rescuers enlisted the help of Sergei, a man in the area who had been feeding Chapa.

Love Furry Friends Rescue

After Chapa was safely secured she was taken to the vet. She is around 10 years old and suffers from cataracts and poor teeth. And an x-ray revealed she had indeed been shot, but thankfully, it appears to be a small pellet that won’t cause lasting harm.

After an amazing groom and plenty of food and water, Chapa seems a whole lot happier. In just a few days she began to trust Love Furry Friends enough to wag her tail and act like a puppy!

Take a look at Chapa’s heartwarming rescue in the video below:

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