Newfoundland Dog Works Snowblower So Well The Neighbors Want to Hire Her

Meet Morgan (aka Miss Goo), the snow shoveling dog who does a whole lot more to help her humans around the home.

Morgan the 125-pound, 6-year-old Newfoundland can do just about anything she puts her mind to. Her humans say Miss Goo is “a mellow, slow moving girl” but she’s wicked smart.

From cooking hotdogs on an open fire to fetching drinks from the fridge or cooler, she is very helpful around the house. She even can vacuum. But her latest activity has gone viral.

The large laid back Newfie recently learned how to use a snowblower after she showed off skills using a snow shovel.

Nicknamed “Miss Goo” because of her drooling, Morgan can push the family’s snow-blower while walking on her hind legs. She does it under supervision and her family admits she can’t do the entire driveway. But she loves to do it and everybody in the neighborhood wants to hire her.

In the second video of her managing the snow plow Morgan’s mom, Grace notes that Georgia the dog is off to the side, and that her husband, Dean is right beside her, holding a cookie. She also reassures everyone that Morgan is never left unsupervised when handling the snowblower.

When Miss Goo isn’t out plowing snow, she’s busily brushing up on her extensive water rescue training, and visiting seniors in retirement homes. Yes, she’s also registered as a St. John Ambulance therapy dog.

It seems that Morgan never tires of learning new things.

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