Man Discovers Neighbor’s Wheelchair Ramp In Wrong Place For One Heartwarming Reason

There isn’t much a pet parent won’t do to make sure their dog is comfortable. This is especially the case when our dogs age. All the ailments we get as we age – stiff joints, arthritis, and the like – our dogs get too.

So it’s heartwarming to see examples of this care even if it creates some confusion at first. Alex Dunhom shared such an example after explaining her dad was confused by something their neighbors in Nashua, New Hampshire had done.

Instead of extending their wheelchair ramp from the front door to the driveway, it extended all the way out to their lawn. For weeks, he didn’t understand, and then he saw Hershey.

Alex Dunhom / Facebook

Hershey is a senior dog and the wheelchair ramp is for him. They placed the ramp out front to allow their senior dog to continue to enjoy the outside lawn.

Dunhom wrote on the Dogspotting Facebook group:

“For weeks my Dad didn’t understand why our neighbors would build a wheelchair ramp into the lawn instead of the driveway.”

“Then we saw this elderly, chunky boy in the yard who can’t climb stairs anymore. Dad has replaced his confusion with admiration for these 10/10 owners and their very good dog.”

“I have been informed by another neighbor that his name is Hershey.”

Alex Dunhom / Facebook

We too applaud the homeowners in providing their dog a comfortable way to walk in and out of the home – and it looks like the ramp also helps him get around in the snow!

This thoughtfulness reminds us of the family who built their dog a personal elevator so he can get into the back yard and the other family who built George the Dachshund special ramps all over their home.

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