Dog with Arthritis Gets Her Very Own Elevator to Go Outside

When Kati the Golden Retriever began to have a hard time getting up and down stairs because of her arthritis, her family decided he needed her very own elevator in the backyard.

Her handyman dad built her a personal, motorized elevator to make life easier. Way to go, dad!

At the unveiling, the family is there to cheer her on as she uses it for the very first time!

Kati isn’t the only senior dog to get her very own elevator in the backyard.

Check out what Tony Shulthise built for his 160 pound Pyrenees dog, Moses, after his dog tore his ACL and needed to not use the stairs for a while. “I needed it to go flush with the sidewalk at the bottom and flush with the deck at the top so that created a little bit of a unique design challenge,” wrote Tony. “The ‘dogleg L’ shape of the elevator accomplishes those goals so he doesn’t have to step or jump to get in and out.”

As it only took him a few days to build, Tony says the design isn’t “refined.” “I just wanted to get something together to save his good leg and my back,” he said. “If he needs help after a few weeks I’ll redesign it to be much more compact and quieter,” he added before mentioning, “It has worked great so far and I’m very happy that he can come up to the house anytime he wants.”

It’s so touching seeing these families putting in the extra effort to make sure their dogs are well looked after and have a good quality of life.

If you enjoyed watching what this caring families did for their dogs, you’ll want to see what this Dachshund’s dad did for him to help him get on the bed.

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