Naughty Dachshund Puppy Grabs Mom’s Snack and Won’t ‘Drop it’

What pet parent hasn’t been in the same position as this mama is with Ollie the Dachshund puppy?

It seems “drop it” is not yet in Ollie’s vocabulary, which is not a great thing when he makes off with his mom’s snacks, but it does make for a funny video.

As Ollie’s mom says after, “Now we’re going to see obedience.” Many DogHeirs viewers had opinions on Ollie’s behavior that they wanted to share.

Cherita commented, “Totally adorable with those big sweet eyes! He is thinking ‘what a great game!’ It takes a bit of patience to teach the leave it/drop it command, especially I think smaller dogs are harder to train. I’ve had both & the bigger breeds were loads easier-I had to change my own attitude ;-). At my house I’m the only one who can get our pomapoo to drop a stolen item (she’s a clepto!) for some reason she doesn’t listen to hubby or son lol”

Janine wrote, “You are laughing so the dog thinks that it’s a game and you don’t ask for it back you tell him to give it back to you with authority. You don’t know what obedience is because the dog KNOWS that he is in CONTROL NOT YOU ! lol

Jackie commented, “My dachshund doesn’t “drop it” either! They’re so stubborn but the cuteness makes it ok.”

To learn how to train your dog to drop an object, take a look at this helpful article.

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