Alaskan Malamute Throws a Temper Tantrum When He Sees What He Is Getting For Dinner

Easton isn’t a fan of pork, so when the Alaskan Malamute is given a bowl for dinner, he does what most malamutes are famous for – he howls. He adorably protests while his human tries to convince him to give it a try.

It looks like he’s almost playing a game and at one point Easton even sticks his paw inside the bowl, as if wanting to push it aside.

Obviously, he is a picky eater and his mom admits “he is quirky”. In addition to arguing over his food, the 5-year-old dog argues with the TV among other things. But that’s okay, Easton can be as picky as he wants, because, really, who doesn’t want to spoil their dog.

Watch Easton’s adorable protest in the video below.

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