Lurcher Puppy Absolutely Loves Leaping on Trampoline

Rio is a a 7-month-old Lurcher puppy who absolutely loves her family’s trampoline. Her family captured her epic “zoomies” on camera and it put a huge smile on our face!

Rio’s fun begins with her splashing in a bucket and in a blink of an eye she’s on the trampoline. She not only jumps off the base of the trampoline she springs off the side of the trampoline’s netting too!

“”This is Rio, our 7-month-old Lurcher pup. We got her in February after losing our previous Lurcher, Ruby. In the first couple of days she wasn’t interested with our grandson’s trampoline. On day 3 she jumped on and started working on her ‘craft’ of Doggy Free Running! Now we have trouble getting her off of it. She’s used the trampoline more in 3 months than our grandson has in 4 years!”

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