Kids Thought a Homeless Dog was Dead at First, Reach Out to Rescuers for Help

A homeless dog is safe and in a loving home thanks to a group of kids who spotted the abandoned dog in their neighborhood.

The dog did’t move and at first, the children thought he was dead. But when they approached and he moved, they began to call rescues for help.

Some of the rescues they called told them they wouldn’t take the dog without a large donation. Others told them the dog would be euthanized in a few days.

They eventually texted Hope For Paws and they were all excited to see Eldad Hagar arrive with his lucky leash in hand, having watched videos of his other rescues.

The poor dog squealed with fright when caught, but he quickly relaxed after a few seconds. Nobu appears to be a phantom poodle. He had hundreds of ticks all over him and it took a few hours to pick them off of him.

Once he had a shave, a wash and a rest, he expressed his gratitude by being a very happy dog. His sweet nature wasn’t lost on his rescuers and he’s already in a loving home.

Nobu was so lucky those children spot him and called for help. Encouraging young people to act with compassion gives the next generation of homeless animals a better chance at a brighter future!

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