Husky Turns Into Diva Opera Singer When She Gets Groomed

Meet Link. Yes, she’s a Husky and yes the dog is about to be groomed.

From the moment Link steps into Vanessa with Girl With The Dogs’ salon she knows what’s coming and doesn’t like it one bit. Water? Nope! Clipping? No thanks! Brushing? What, are you, crazy? In fact, at each step she makes sure to tell Vanessa that she’s “dying.”

That’s probably why Vanessa chooses to wear ear protection when grooming huskies because there’s a lot of vocal drama. So much drama that huskies getting groomed brings out their natural operatic talents because, well, what a tragedy it is to be cleaned!

Link survives her ordeal. “Barely” she would say but doesn’t she look pretty? But her “generous tip” leaves something to be desired.

Luna, another Husky (who Vanessa jokingly nicknamed “lunatic”) is equally vocal when getting groomed.

Vanessa mentions that people have told her that huskies may have a natural aversion to water because getting wet in the North means freezing to death. But, what, Vanessa asks, is the possible reason for their dislike of the dryer? Or brushing?

But before you start thinking all huskies are like Link and Luna meet Luna 2.0, another Husky Vanessa grooms. This Luna recently came to Vanessa for her first groom and Vanessa is left wondering if Luna is even a husky? That’s because she just may have found the elusive and very rare Unicorn Angel Husky!

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