This Grooming of Four Adorable ‘Bear Cub’ Akita Puppies is Ridiculously Cute

Girl With The Dogs regularly grooms many interesting dogs but for this particular grooming session she grooms what she jokingly says are “bear cubs” but are really four ridiculously cute American Akita puppies.

Do you remember Kuma? Well, he’s the daddy of these adorable bundles of fluff.

During the groom, Girl With The Dogs clips the pups’ “puppy daggers,” aka their nails. She bathes them in a shampoo specifically made for puppies (and recommends others do so too) and shares some other tips about the Akita dog breed. But we can’t take our eyes off just how cute the puppies are.

Are you looking for that hoody that Girl With The Dogs uses when she blow dries the dogs? These are Happy Hoodies for Dogs, made for groomers by groomers.

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