American Akita Expressionless When Groomed Until Blow Dryer Comes Out

When Kuma the Akita enters a Girl With The Dogs’ grooming salon, the groomer says she can’t help but “feel like a powerful woman.”

At 120 pounds, Kuma is big, strong dog so it’s a good thing that Kuma is a “blob” when it comes to being groomed. He doesn’t mind being scrubbed and raked and combed. At least that’s what we think he’s thinking from his blank stare. But that’s okay because who would want a restless Akita on the grooming table?

Kuma may be emotionless when he’s being washed and trimmed, but it’s a completely different story when it comes to the blow dryer – he has a “love affair” with that!

And if you are wondering why an Akita might need a groom, Kuma’s mom shared some pictures on Instagram showing just how much hair Kuma sheds in the summer and it’s a lot.

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