Impatient Golden Retriever Cannot Wait Any Longer For Snack

This adorable Golden Retriever broke table manners after waiting for her human to share his meal with her and her sibling.

In this cute clip, two well-mannered Golden Retrievers named Dan Huang and You Lia re patiently watching their dad eating his meal. The dog on the right is wearing a cute pink bib, and the other is drooling in anticipation of getting a snack.

They watch as he eats, their eyes intently following his chopsticks as they move from the plate to his mouth.

But after a few seconds, the one dog can’t wait any longer! In a hilariously guilty move, she rests her head on the table as if to apologize for her actions, but secretly you know she has not regrets!

Man is eating noodles and dogs saw the man from r/Eyebleach

These two adorable dogs also share more eating adventures with their dad when they take him on in a cute noodle-eating competition.

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