Golden Retriever and Cat Love to Take Daily Walks Together

This is Sammy a rescued Golden Retriever and Tuna the cat. They are “best buds”. Every day they’re part of their guardian’s “daily walking crew.”

Sammy and Tuna love to go out for daily walks together.

“I walk Sammy (dog) every day rain or shine. One day Tuna decided to join and has been joining us ever since. She prefers to walk in cooler weather.”

The family lives in the Litchfield area of Maine. There are no cars on the dead-end street so it makes for their leisurely walk. Their guardian writes, “But should there be one [a car] they wait on side for it to pass.”

Some readers may observe the sore on Sammy’s leg. “She licks it causing herself to get open sores,” her guardian explains. The compulsive behavior comes to the forefront around the holidays. Her guardian adds, “Thankfully for Sammy this is the worst around holidays. In a month’s time this will be all but gone. We discussed doggie Prozac with the doctor but all feel at this time, since she seems to self correct herself every year, it is not necessary.”

Sammy and Tuna out for a walk.

Photos reprinted on with permission from Anna.

Sammy and Tuna’s walks together have been going on for at least a year. Their guardian says, “We walk daily for 1-2 miles. Tuna comes with on most days.”

What a delightful routine and a wonderful reminder to make walking your furry companions part of your everyday exercise and theirs too!


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