Meet Xolo – A Giant Animatronic Dog Thrilling Crowds Around The World

A massive animatronic dog is entertaining audiences throughout Europe. Meet Xolo.

With his expressive features – including a tail that wags, a nose that twitches and a large pink tongue to lap up water – it’s hard not to be wowed by the “dog”!

The large marionette that is controlled by a crane and several people on the ground and in this clip filmed in Leeuwarden, The Netherlands, Xolo takes a drink of water from a bin.

“The giant dog Xolo is part of a French theater group known as the Giants of Royal de Luxe,” explains the videographer. “It’s 11 meters tall and visited the city for 3 days.”

“In the video…the thirsty dog got some water and looked around at the crowd.”

The videographer explains that it was one of the last times to see Xolo as the theater manager recently announced the Giants of Royal de Luxe will no longer perform in the streets of cities around the world.”

Check out Xolo for yourself in the fun video below.

Here are a few other videos of Xolo in action.

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