German Shepherd Dog Really Does Not Want to Be Left at Home

A German Shepherd Dog who didn’t want to be left at home got caught out by his dad in an adorable video that’s warming the hearts of dog lovers.

The dog who lives in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, appears to have escaped from home to follow after his dad, who is driving in their neighborhood.

Dad spots his dog over by a fence and rolls down his vehicle’s window and calls out to his dog. “What do you think you’re doing?” he asks. The dog wags his tail and takes that as a signal he can come over.

The dog’s family wrote on YouTube that the dog “knows this is against the rules.”

Viewers, however, figure the dog was simply expressing how much he loves his dad.

“OMG he loves you so much, what a gift to be loved like that, many blessings,” wrote one viewer.

“It’s a special kind of love and respect,” commented another.

Others pointed out the dog knew what he wanted and went out to get it. Said one person, “That boy didn’t even hesitate…he jumped aboard like the co-pilot he is!”

And others felt that rule was going to have to change. “There’s absolutely no way anyone could be upset with that handsome Shepherd.”

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