German Shepherd Activates Security Camera In Adorable Video

Three-year-old Sasha the German Shepherd Dog is winning fans for an adorable video made completely by accident. Sasha’s dad, Joe Corsi, was away from home when his security camera picked up motion. Switching on the live feed to check out what was happening, Joe was surprised.

Joe writes:

When your security cameras pick up motion, you watch the live feed to see what’s going on. Then what happens next is…”

Sasha is guarding the window, but at one point notices the camera moving and stares directly into the lens. Her ears twitch back and forth and she tilts her head – typical behavior for German Shepherds!

The cute video is going viral with one viewer commenting on Facebook, “Two security systems…one high tech, and the other, well, no tech.”

Click below to watch for yourself.

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