Friendly Street Dog Found with Trident Speared into Her Skull

Jenny was found by a woman in a small town in Greece, hiding behind a car, with a huge spear penetrating her skull.

She was one of the millions of stray dogs who try and survive on the streets every day. Jenny appears to have recently given birth, but her rescuer could not find her puppies anywhere. Sadly, they were likely victims of widespread animal cruelty.

But their mother didn’t fare much better, and the friendly stray was hit in the head with a trident and left to die. But she was saved by SCARS, and now has a chance at a better life.

Remarkably, Jenny continues to be affectionate, playful and sweet. She doesn’t seem to let the ghosts in her past determine her life now. The only thing that could make her life better is a forever home.

Warning, this video contains some graphic images that may be disturbing to some viewers.

To find out how to adopt Jenny or support SCARS, visit their website.

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