Firefighters Put Rescue Skills Into Action to Save Dog Swept Over Water Fall

Redwood Falls police and firefighters put their incredible rescue skills into action saving a dog who was swept away in rushing water and over a waterfall only to become trapped in the waters below.

Redwood Falls was among areas of southwest Minnesota hit hard by heavy rains last week, causing many rivers to swell. The incident happened at Ramsey Park and bystanders watched as firefighters rappelled down the slippery cliff to reach the dog clinging desperately to the rocks below.

Matt Anderson was visiting the park and caught the rescue on video.

The firefighter was able to secure the dog and scaled back up the cliff with the help of police, firemen and local residents pulling them up.

The dog was reunited with his family. Jessica Norman / Facebook

Jessica Norman was one of the people on the top of the falls and saw the dog reunited with his owner, which happens at minute 3:16 in her video.

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