Family Treats Beloved Dog to Special Last Dinner

Rita was a beloved family member for 12 years and 10 days. When old age set in, she developed tumors and arthritis and in her final two weeks, seizures. Her family put off their difficult decision as long as they could. When she was to be brought in to the vet’s for her final journey, her family treated her to a very special last meal.

Rita’s family shared photos of her and captioned them, “Rita’s last dinner”.

“This was last night. Her appt. was at 11am this morning. It’s been a very hard day. I just keep crying now…” Quaru wrote.

“We had her 12 years 10 days, and she was about 5 weeks old when we got her.”

“My wife made me add the picture of her at ~3 months old.”

Laura Capua added later in a comment after we published the story on DogHeirs, “This was my son’s dog. Rita was a toe biter as a very young dog. I bought her a chew toy in the image of a foot. I had to save my toes somehow. She still had that toy after all of these years. She was my sons service dog. They had a very special bond.”

Photos and text reprinted with permission Quaru, July 29, 2013.

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