Facebook Video Shows Dog Owner Telling Pair Who Saved Dog From Hot Car To ‘Mind Their Own Business’

A video posted to a popular Facebook group for residents in Guelph, Ontario, has dog lovers upset.

The video posted on “Overheard at Guelph” by Connor Beebe and a woman shows them helping a panting dog from what Beebe says is a hot minivan parked in a Canadian Tire parking lot.

The owner returns to the vehicle and takes back his dog telling the pair to “mind their own business” and that his actions were not a big deal because the minivan window was open a crack and that the dog had access to water inside the vehicle.

The owner says the Golden Retriever was “sweating” and panting due to just coming back from a run, and that he was only inside the store for a few moments. In the video, the man says, “We just got here!”

The woman in the video states there a heat warning in effect and that the temperature felt like 33 C at the time of the video. The dog owner is then heard saying, “I’ve had enough of this.” He runs towards Beebe who is filming the incident. The man shouts, “You’ve messed with the wrong f**king person!”

The woman says she is going to call police as does the man.

Police later arrived and spoke to both parties involved and that no charges were laid in the incident, Global News reported.

Beebe wrote afterwards on Facebook:

“There is no excuse for leaving your pet inside a vehicle. No cracked windows, ‘they have water’, ‘I was only gone for a second’, nothing. The Weather Network reflects a ‘feels like 33’ at the time of this incident, and this man told police over the phone (while attempting to have me charged for trespassing) that he was only gone for thirty seconds.”

“I was with this dog for well over 5 minutes before the man appeared from the store, and no idea how much longer the dog was inside the car before I arrived. The dashboard was hot to the touch, and the dog was panting the entire time. This man is lucky I was able to open the door using my thin arm thru the window crack, instead of using a window breaking tool.”

After the video was posted, many Facebook users praised Beebe and the woman for their actions.

Connor Beebe / Facebook

Others noted that the Canadian Tire where the confrontation took place has signs clearly posted that they are a “pet-friendly” store.

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