Emergency Responders Pull Dog and Her Drowning Puppies from Muddy Drain

A litter of puppies would have all drowned in a storm drain had rescuers not been alerted and immediately come to their aid.

Emergency responders in Argentina’s Eugenio Bustos pulled a very scared-looking dog and her puppies from a roadside storm drain, as concerned passers-by watched on.

The video taken by one of the bystanders shows a man lying flat in a pool of water at the bottom of the drain and reaching into a dark tunnel before pulling out a tiny puppy and a yelping dog.

Passers-by gather round to help wrap a total of five wriggling puppies in a towel. Sadly, a sixth puppy appears to have drowned before the rescuers could get to him.

Romina Visconti, who took the video, and assisted with the puppy rescue wrote, “There are still good people in the world.”

Watch the doggie family’s rescue in the video below.

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