How to Easily Remove Pesky Burrs from Dog Fur

Burrs. They get entangled in dog fur very easily and can become really difficult to remove, especially if you have active dogs or dogs with long fur.

They can also be difficult to brush out because they break down and you can cause your dog discomfort or pain pulling on their hair.

It’s really important to remove burrs and other “pricklies” your dog might pick up when outdoors to keep their fur from matting or in case they may have picked up ticks or fleas on their excursions into grass and underbrush. Be on special lookout for foxtails, which are incredibly dangerous.

In the following video, Kait demonstrates a trick she learned to help make removing burrs easier. She shows of her technique on her two Samoyeds – Tink and Meek – by using coconut oil.

As she says, the oil can make your dog’s fur a bit greasy, so simply wash it off with some dog shampoo and water.

And the good part? You only need to use a little bit and any extra oil can be given as a treat to your dog.

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Disclosure: This post may include affiliate links.

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