How to Train Your Dog to Drop Objects on Command

Many dog owners have had the experience of digging into their dog’s mouth to remove that smelly, unknown object the dog refuses to drop and just has to eat. It’s not pleasant and it always leads to the worry that he/she has eaten something that might make them sick.

Teaching your dogs to drop objects or food on command will save you from having to dig things out of their mouths and could save their lives if they ever pick up something toxic.

All dogs are scavengers by nature and consider most things that are lying on the ground deserving of a taste. This doesn’t necessarily mean food either. Sometimes they will like to chew on plastic wrappers, tins or dirty tissues. For some dogs, the moment they step outside for a walk, their noses are to the pavement looking for hidden treasures.

The only way to truly combat a dog’s desire to grab objects that are potentially dangerous to their health is to train them to “leave it” or “drop it”. This command is a necessity in behavioral training. Additionally, the “drop it” command is useful to get your dog to drop a stick or ball during play sessions.

The following instructional video provides a good introduction to the basics in training a dog to drop (or leave) an object.

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