Dogs Tease Scooter Driver Trying To Pass Them On the Street

A scooter ran into an unexpected obstacle, or make that two when out riding. The motorcyclist is trying to drive on a cobbled street but two dogs standing on the side of the street seem to be stopping them from passing.

Every time the scooter moves forward, the dogs take a step forward. The scooter driver slowly nudges ahead, and the dogs take a step forward. The motorcyclists are talking to nearby pedestrians and it seems they aren’t sure how best to pass the dogs, but after a minute they come up with a very clever solution.

But why are the motorcyclists being so careful in the first place? The reason why is revealed at the end of the video. Naughty dogs!

Press play and find out.

P.S. it is not clear who the dogs belong to, if anyone. It’s more than likely they are street dogs, based on their behavior and that they do not having any collars on and no one approaches them to correct their behavior.

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