Dogs Hilariously React To Crisis Situation Test From Their Mom

Our dogs don’t always react the way they think they will. That’s certainly something this pet parent learned first-hand in this entertaining video.

After having seen many heartwarming videos of dogs protecting their humans when they fell ill or injured, this woman decided to see how her dogs would react. The results? Hilarious.


The New York resident told ViralHog:

“I saw all these videos of dogs trying to save their owners in crisis situations. So, I wanted to see how my dogs Champ and Tyson would do if I had a heart attack.”

Walking into the room, she collapses to the floor in front of Champ and Tyson.

The dogs watch as she collapses. Afterwards, their mom wrote of the experiment:

“Well, it’s pretty safe to say that I’m a goner because Champ wouldn’t let anyone near me.”

Watch Champ and Tyson’s reaction in the video below.

If you have trouble viewing the video above, try the one below.

The video is silly fun and it’s more than likely Champ and Tyson a) knew she was faking (some dogs can often sense medical traumas through scent, as many service dogs are trained to do) or, b) they were simply unaware she was signaling for help and therefore uninterested. Of course, any dog owner who would really like their dogs to jump into action should they have a medical emergency will need to train their dogs properly to do so. 😉

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