Dogs Freeze in Position and Stand Amazingly Still

You wouldn’t be far off if you asked if these dogs were statues. Dogs Jackson, Cash and X know a great trick thanks to their human Evelyn Edblad – they can stand perfectly still. With one simple command, the dogs freeze in position and don’t move an inch. Not even their tails wag.

Edblad, who lives in Sundsvall, Sweden writes:

This was filmed during a regular lunch walk with my dogs. I’ve taught Jackson, Cash, and X to stay still on command before I give them the signal that they are free to go. They then freeze in expectation, knowing they’ll soon get to run around. The behavior comes with a little training combined with their instinct as sheepdogs, the breed is bred to herd, where they’ll freeze while controlling the sheep.”

Edblad has filmed the trio on a couple of occasions. She reveals not every one of the dogs took to it right away. “The little one hadn’t got the real hang of the ‘trick'” and she would move her head a bit. “She often cheats, acting like the energetic young teenager she is!” But you can’t tell any longer. They all perform it wonderfully.

But when Edblad makes a quick sound (a “ttee”) the dogs break their position and dash away!

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