Dog Wows Crowd With Flawless And Fun Dance Routine

When Yvonne Belin and her dog Alice finished their routine at the FCI Dog Dance World Championships in 2016, the two would be crowned the winners of the competition.

Yvonne and Alice performed a flawless freestyle and heelwork to music routine with many unique moves and showcasing everything you want in a dance between handler and dog it should be – creative, innovative and original in using music and movement and showcase teamwork, artistry and athleticism.

The pair from Switzerland wowed the judges at the show held in Moscow, Russia.

What we found unique was the distance between Alice and Yvonne at some parts of the routine – she is so far away, and yet perfectly in synch.

The music choice is also a whole lot of fun – Queen’s “Don’t Stop Me Now”. Alice does look like she’s “having a ball”! We also love their little encore at the end!

Check out their first place dance in the video below.

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